ECHO/DNA Thermodynamics

Please enter oligonucleotide sequence below.
  - ECHO with thiazole orange doubly labeled thymidine (described as Z (TE in the paper below)) only.
  - Different lines are treated as different oligonucleodies.
  - ECHO and Reverse complementary DNA sequences must be the same size.
  - Mis-match base pair one-base next to Z(TE) can not be calculated properly yet.
ECHO Sequences (using Z for TE) (5'→3') :   Reverse Complement DNA Sequences (5'→3') :
Temperature:  °C
= M (typical PCR: 0.05M, typical SmartAmp: 0.01 M)
= M (typical PCR: 0.0015M, typical SmartAmp: 0.008 M)
= = μM

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Kimura,Y., Hanami,T., Tanaka,Y., de Hoon,M.J.L., Soma,T., Harbers,M., Lezhava,A., Hayashizaki,Y. and Usui,K. Effect of Thiazole Orange Doubly Labeled Thymidine on DNA Duplex Formation. Biochemistry, 51, 6056-6067 (2012).